I am proud to announce the release of my first full length album titled Entrainment. The album features ten tracks that traverse through a reflective soundscape of ephemeral emotions. Encompassing glitch-hop and trip-hop tendencies, Kyma Muse blends a variety of influences into a smooth elixer leaving you with a taste that lingers.

Music is a universal language, native to anyone with ears the ears to interpret. This is my gift to the world, one song at a time. Thanks for listening. ∆

Catch a listen @


Things are winding up!

Everything is coming together around here. I am excited to announce that I have finished designing a new bandcamp page for Kuma Muse and squared away the accompanying album art for a full blown album release this spring! Mastering will begin later this month. There is a whole lot of material floating around this lap top and I hope to release an EP shortly after publishing this first album. Here’s a look at the cover art for my forthcoming album titled “Entrainment.”

forthcoming Kyma Muse 2013

forthcoming Kyma Muse 2013

Good Tidings

Exciting things to report from here at the kyma laboratories. I’ve got a new set of screens exposed and printing, while a few more are in development. Things are rolling smoother everyday as I collect the necessary materials for various steps of the screen printing process. I feel very blessed at the moment as my hiatus has allowed me to return full of inspiration and well equipped to create!

I’m also extremely happy to leave you with a sneak peak into the future sounds of kyma

Happy Holidays from Kyma and The Mile High Sound Movement!

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Bring’n the Movement Outdoors



a GeoScheme summer fundraiser for the Mile High Sound Movement

:: Event Details ::


GeoScheme is looking for artists to donate their work in support of GeoScheme and the Mile High Sound Movement. All contributing artists will have their work displayed online and at upcoming shows. Each piece will be auctioned or sold with all proceeds benefiting the GeoScheme project.


Jewelry artist Christian Stack has been kind enough to donate a piece of his work for the cause. Valued at $350 the wire wrap will be auctioned off at the MHSM GEODESICS FUNDRAISER EVENT on MAY 14TH. Visit ChristianStackDesigns for more details.



The following limited edition posters will be available exclusively at this event, as well as the opportunity to custom screen print and airbrush your clothing and/or a purchased blank shirt.

11″ x 17″ POSTER Available only @ the SOUND KITCHEN May 14th


AUDIOWASKA Productions is supporting us with his 8,000 watts of sound for our 7,000 sq ft playground.

Yorkville élite Series 1200w 18″ SUBWOOFER
Image Credits:
Event Flier: Jacob Goldberger, Jon Black, Dustin Fay
Wire Wrap: Christian Stack Designs
Event Poster: Jacob Goldberger, Dustin Fay
Subwoofer: Yorkville Sound